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Quality policy

The organizational goal of PrimeLogistics is to be regarded as the premier freight forwarding company in C.I.S. providing customers and overseas partners with a reliable and cost effective logistic management services all under one roof. The backbone of the organisation is provided by the PrimeLogistics units in Belarus and Lithuania. The main assets of our business are: customer intimacy, entrepreneurial excellence, and highly motivated personnel – all this combined with an in-depth knowledge of the foreign cultures we operate in. At all levels, PrimeLogistics managers are required to be leaders accepted by their staff, and simultaneously to act as coaches for them. With our own companies/branches in each country, we guarantee deep rootedness in the local work culture and the local customer relations. It is our pledge to provide the highest quality services to our customers through total quality management, which states that we will:

•  Consistently provide services that exceed our customers’ needs and requirements.

•  Thoroughly understand the requirements and needs all our customers.

•  Look for new process improvements in all that we do.

•  Provide a safe, rewarding and supportive work environment.

•  To provide skill enhancement to employees, generation of the necessary infrastructure and resources needed to support all operational process.

•  Committed to comply with applicable legal and statutory obligations.

In this context, we are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources and we will ensure that the company’s Quality Policy is reviewed annually and communicated to employees and third parties.