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19 November 2022

Type: Air
Name: Shwetha
Phone: +91 22 6270 6905
Company name: GNH Pharmaceuticals USA LLC
Additional info: Hello Dear,

Greetings from GNH India.!

We got your reference from google since we were looking for help shipping our orders from LIthuania to India.

Kindly provide your best Air Freight + origin Clearance service for our request details as follow;

Shipment Mode: Door to Airport

Packing Details: Dims.: 1 regular box – 2.0Kgs (27x25x25cm)

Commodity & Temperature: Pharmaceuticals Medicine and Ambient/General Pharma Cargo (PIL)

Collection From: LT-57174 Kedainiai (Lexano), Lithuania

Delivery upto :   Bombay (BOM) Airport, India.

Kindly quote for collection to your facility + removal of shipper docs + dispatch to destination.

Please also refer to our special requirements; as we need BLINDING service too;

· Collection from Shipper to your facility,

· Removal of shipper docs/identification from the box

· Dispatch to destination with our export documents.

· You need to maintain blinding (should not disclose actual Shipper & consignee) from both ends(Shipper as well as Consignee)

· MAWB shipper details will be ours(GNH) & consignee actual receiver. – This AWB is for us.

· HAWB shipper will be Swiss Supplier & Consignee will be our(GNH) details. – This is for actual Shipper.

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