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A delicate cargo: Swissport handles pandas with care

15 January 2018

Two Chinese Pandas were being transported to their new home at Ähtäri wildlife park.

Ahead of the flight, Panda caretakers and veterinarians travelled to China to spend the last week with the Pandas in their home country before their trip to Finland.

This shared time with the Pandas was important to familiarise the animals to their transportation boxes and to win their trust for the long trip ahead.

Swissport co-ordinated the movements of the boxes to the truck, and monitored all processes near the aircraft.

Dozens of Swissport employees were on site and ensured a smooth handling process for these precious new residents of the Ähtäri wildlife park.

Swissport Finland chief executive Tomi Viitanen: “The Swissport Finland team is proud to be a part of this happening. We were delighted to meet Pyry and Lumi and I am sure that thousands of visitors to Ähtäri wildlife park will enjoy the two Pandas as well.

“It was an honor to contribute to their smooth arrival despite the harsh weather conditions. This was only possible due to the great performance of our dedicated staff.”

“The heavy snowfall in Finland over the past few days will certainly help the Pandas feel at home more quickly as snow belongs to their natural habitat,” the handler added.

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