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Maersk World Record 19,038 TEU

10 July 2018

The accomplishment marked the first time a ship has surpassed the once-mythical 19,000 TEU mark.

The Mumbai Maersk, one of Maersk’s second generation Triple-E’s, set the record this past weekend at the Tanjung Pelepas Port in Malaysia. The ship is now sailing for Rotterdam, where it is expected to arrive September 5th.

Mumbai Maersk has a nominal capacity of 20,568 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). It was entered into service in May 2018 and is deployed on the Asia-to-Europe service.

Maersk Line says the record load of 19,038 TEU surpasses the previously-held Maersk record of 18,215 TEU, which was set by the first-generation Triple-E vessel Madison Maersk in 2015. The new record also overtakes all other reported record loadings from other carriers.

The Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) is home to Malaysia’s most advanced container terminal, strategically located at the confluence of the main east-west shipping lanes.

PTP has 14 linear berths totalling 5.04km. The terminal is equipped with 58 Super Post Panamax cranes, 16 of which have a 24-box outreach catering for the next generation of Triple E size vessels. These cranes also have twin-lift capability to further enhance productivity. PTP’s currently averages over 32 moves per hour/crane, and berth productivity stands at 100 moves per hour minimum.

Maersk says the record-breaking load also marks a sign of strategic progress for the company.

“Our hubs are currently breaking existing productivity records. This record on most loaded containers during a port stay is one of many illustrations showing that we are well-positioned to become a company of operators who are proud, passionate and world-class at servicing our clients,” says Keith Svendsen, Chief Operating Officer at APM Terminals.


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