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PrimeLogistics becomes member for

12 February 2018

PrimeLogistics becomes member of with continuation of development business in Asia and worldwide.

Since founded in 2003, has been striving to become the largest logistics marketplace around the world, and the safest logistics trading and settlement platform.

JCtrans is not a freight forwarder, but a leading logistics website aiming to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers. JCtrans was established with the goal of strengthening the business cooperation between Chinese and overseas freight forwarders and to provide an online platform for global freight forwarders.

JCtrans has been monopoly awarded “The Best B2B Website” and “The Best Media of China Logistics” by China Logistics Association for the last two years in succession; We have also been honored the title of “Top 100 of China E-commerce Industry Website ” by E-commerce World and the title of “Top 100 of China Business Website” by Internet Weekly for the last two years in succession where we became the only logistics website on the Top 100 list.

At present, JCtrans has become the largest logistics industry platform accumulating resource of global logistics providers, trading companies and others related to the industry. We have now 70,000 members from more than 200 countries and regions and our members include: shippers, forwarders, importer/exporters, customs brokers, carriers, etc.


August Awarded Innovation Prize for Combination of E-commerce and Supply Chain
July The first Batch of Model Enterprises for Intelligent Logistics and Distribution
June Forum Session of How Logistics Enterprise Utilize “Internet+”in Qingdao
April Forum Session of How Logistics Enterprise Utilize “Internet+”in Shanghai
November Awarded Golden Prize of China Logistics Industry ——China Public Logistics Information Platform
September,4th Global Freight Forwarding Conference
August, Forum Session of How Logistics Enterprise Utilize “Internet+”in Dalian
June, Forum Session of How Logistics Enterprise Utilize “Internet+”in Tianjin
October The Best Enterprises of Logistics Information Service 2014
September 3rd Global Freight Forwarding Conference
August Cooperation Risk Protection was online
September Global Freight Forwarding Summit 2013 was held in Shanghai”
October Freight Forwarding China 2008 was launched in Shanghai
June’s GCP product strided into international market.
December JCtrans Logistics Network was founded and ranked the No.1 logistics website in China.

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