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WIFFA Network

6 January 2021

PrimeLogistics office in Belarus is joining WIFFA global network (

WIFFA is the international freight forwarding credit cooperation platform under the network of ShippingChina and also the International freight forwarding branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. At present, WIFFA has 28 port committees, 18 overseas branches and 20 special alliances with more than 1,000 domestic and foreign freight forwarding credit cooperation members distributing in 100 domestic cities and more than 60 overseas countries and regions.

The purpose of WIFFA is to help forwarders move from the middle to the center.

Credit is the core of WIFFA. All WIFFA members have been approved by qualification examination, lawyer certification, on-site verification and industry publicity. Members cooperate with each other and the platform provides RMB100,000 endorsement guarantee.

WIFFA’s leading factor is in cloud technology. WIFFA has been casting “Five Swords of WIFFA” for ten years: Cloud booking, Cloud pay, Cloud B/L, Cloud Block Chain and Cloud Exhibition. Through block chain and cloud platform technology, digital interconnected industries such as commercial flow, financial flow and logistics will be formed to energize freight forwarding industry and create incremental benefits.

The advantage of WIFFA is the cargo volume. The annual freight output of WIFFA platform members exceeds 10 million TEU and the total business volume has reached 100 billion yuan. WIFFA has more than 500,000 mobile and PC users while more than 60% of freight forwarding companies have registered on the WIFFA platform. The platform has a potential freight volume of 100 million TEU.

The feature of WIFFA is high-end group of bosses. WIFFA is the “boss club” of Chinese freight forwarders and thousands of freight forwarders form the core resources of WIFFA. No matter it is joint effort formation, mode development, business connection or strategic cooperation, it can be achieved quickly through “WIFFA Boss Club”.

WIFFA’s developing direction is the overseas market. WIFFA keeps up with the pace of “One Belt And One Road”, creating an integrated platform of Chinese credit, Chinese strength and Chinese service, providing “one-stop” solutions for overseas customers, and obtaining more overseas projects and FOB orders.

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